Hispanic Chamber Board Votes to Approve Resolution in Support of Texas Competes!

On Tuesday, October 20, 2016 the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Passed a Resolution to Support Texas Competes. Texas Competes’ mission is to provide a unified voice for the Texas business community on the clear economic and business case for a Texas that offers fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. To learn about Texas Competes, click here

Below is the official Resolution: 


Resolution in Support of Texas Competes:


the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hereby recommends to our Executive Board and Directors to support the passage and advocacy related to Texas Competes;
WHEREAS, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the first Hispanic Chamber in the U.S., representing more than 1,250 businesses in the greater San Antonio area, fully supports Texas Competes;


Texas Competes is committed to promoting a competitive and economically vibrant Texas;


we believe that in order for Texas business to compete for top talent, we must have workplaces and communities that are diverse and welcoming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people;


we believe that treating all Texans fairly is essential to maintaining Texas’ strong brand as a premier home for talented workers, growing business, entrepreneurial innovation, and a thriving travel and tourism industry;


it is time to ensure fairness for all Texas employees, residents, and consumers, a united Texas is a competitive Texas, and when Texas Competes, Texas wins;


the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber will communicate this position and take the following actions as the advocacy for this effort unfolds;

 Communicate this position to local and regional media outlets, Hispanic Chamber members, leaders in our community, and display on the Hispanic Chamber’s website www.sahcc.org.

 The Hispanic Chamber will act as an advocate for Texas Competes in the business and at-large communities.

 The Hispanic Chamber will collaborate with other organizations seeking to promote these efforts to provide adequate resources and education on said endeavor.

 The Hispanic Chamber will monitor the implementation of any legislation and seek to make necessary policy recommendations to local and regional elected officials to strengthen this endeavor for our state.


that the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce supports the
stated goals of Texas Competes as recited as of October 18, 2016;


that the Hispanic Chamber goes on record as being opposed to any
legislation during the 85th Texas Legislative Session that would close
Texas business for any individual or business;


be it resolved and approved this the 18th day of October, 2016 in a
vote of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber’s Board of Directors.


Statutory Clause: The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recommends that minority, local,
small and women-owned businesses are highly considered, when public and private contracts are set to
bid for capital infrastructure and professional service improvements. San Antonio is a city that is more
than 60% minority in population, with local ready, willing, and able taxpaying contractors that are very
competitive and qualified. We recommend that the proposed project and its funding recommended in this
resolution stay local, in order for awarded contracts to mirror the diversity of the San Antonio business


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