ADDENDUM 2: Operational and Organizational Assessment Consulting Services

1812-918-83-4847 Operational and Organizational Assessment Consulting Services Addendum 2
The following changes have been made:
The submission of responses is now Friday, January 18, 2019.
Question 1: According to the current schedule, questions are due by January 7th and the
proposal is due by mail on January 11th. In light of the short turn around, we are
asking for the deadline to be extended by two weeks?
Answer 1: The deadline for submitting responses has been extended to Friday,
January 18, 2019.
Question 2: Exhibit G, Organizational Structure is missing from the solicitation.
Answer 2: Exhibit G, SAHA Organizational Structure has been added to this
Question 3: I’m in the process of completing our proposal for the subject RFP and the
requirement for Tab 7 is the submission of a Section 3 Good Faith Effort
Compliance Plan. SAHA’s Section 3 Program Contractor Compliance Guide
stated that it was part of Attachment A however the RFP documents did not
include this form. Can you provide a copy?
Answer 3: The form that needs to be completed to meet this requirement is the one
titled “Section 3 Utilization Plan”.
Question 4: On page 36 of Exhibit F, the word “Attest” is used. Is this where we’re supposed
to sign? I looked up “attest” in the dictionary, and it wasn’t clear to me that is
was a synonym for “signature”, so that’s why I’m asking.
Answer 4: Please provide a signature on the line that is labeled “Attest”
Question 5: What is the communication protocol for timeline, selection, award, etc. for this
Answer 5: Please refer to page 4 of the RFP document for the tentative timelines.
Question 6: Did we obtain an extension for responses?
Answer 6: The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday, January 18,
Question 7: How many internal and external stakeholders within SAHA excluding DSNR?
Answer 7: The number is not readily available, as there are many.
Question 8: Is there a sign-in list for the pre-bid meeting conducted on 1/3/2019 that is
Answer 8: The sign in sheet from the January 3, 2019 pre-proposal conference is
attached. It includes those in attendance and those that called in.
Question 9: Will there be an extension for the RFP submission deadline?
Answer 9: The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday, January 18,
By: Steven Morando
Director of Procurement

Date: January 9, 2019