Remodel of Units for Connect Home Computer Lab

ADDENDUM # 2: IFB for: Remodel of Units for Connect Home Computer Lab

Bid due date and time are changed to: January 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm.

The following questions have been received:
Question 1: Regarding the manhole in the property, what the purpose of it?
Answer 1: There is no manhole involved at this project.
Question 2:` Is it going to get fill, how deep it is?
Answer 2: See response to Question 1.
Question 3: How will change orders be presented, if any?
Answer 3: Changes are covered in the Form 5370 page 10 Section 29.
Question 4: When should we expect a decision made the SAHA Board?
Answer 4: Currently this is be scheduled to go to the February Operations Committee and the March Board meetings, the actual meetings would be determined by the actual bid opening and staff recommendations.
Question 5: Can we recommend products that will work better or more efficient?
Answer 5: Yes, but you must provide full specifications on any substitutes and they will require approval by SAHA prior to their inclusion.
Question 6: What are the hours of operations daily, weekends & holidays?

Answer 6: M – F, 8 am – 5 pm. Weekends and Holidays require prior management approval.
Question 7: How are we going to have daily access to the jobsite?
Answer 7: You will be provided key(s).

Question 8: Who’s providing Security of the property and work done?
Answer 8: The vendor is responsible for the security of the units, their work, tools, and materials
during construction until final acceptance.
Question 9: Are we replacing the windows?
Answer 9: No. The windows are not being replaced.
Question 10: Who is responsible for testing and abating asbestos?
Answer 10: The contractor will be responsible for testing and abatement.
Question 11: Are there multiple layers of flooring and does the original layer have asbestos?
Answer 11: There is to our knowledge 1 layer and it probably contains asbestos.
Question 12: What are the specifications on the A/C ducts and units?
Answer 12: 14 Seer minimum heat pump utilizing 410a refrigerant, minimum R6 insulated flexible
ducts, fiberglass board hard ducts or insulated metal ducts.
Question 13: What are the specifications for plumbing fixtures?
Answer 13: Sink: American standard (ADA Standards) HDS item # 404719 or equal. Faucet:
American Standard (ADA standards) HDS item #: 500179 or equal.
Question 14: Is tunneling allowed to install new drain lines?
Answer 14: If tunneling is necessary to install new drain lines then it is permitted.
By: CharlesRBode Date: January 9, 2019
Charles Bode Asst. Director of Procurement