Financial Consulting and HUD Guidance Services

1809-918-49-4838 Financial Consulting and HUD Guidance Services Addendum #1


To: File 1809-918-49-4838
RFP for: Financial Consulting and HUD Guidance Services
The following questions are asked?
Question 1: Can references include clients from either the public or private sector?
Answer 1: Yes, but desire the work to have been similar to what we are requesting.
Question 2: Does SAHA anticipate the consultant team to provide legal services in an
advisory role? What is the allowable rate structure?
Answer 2: This is not for legal services, SAHA has existing contracts for legal services.
Question 3: Is SAHA asking consultants to rewrite or update its Section 3 Utilization Plan?
Answer 3: This could be a possibility however we are not specifically asking for a rewrite at
this time
Question 4: Will the consultant team be used to augment the current SAHA staffing levels in
order to successfully manage the current inventory of rental units?
Answer 4: NO, this would be for consulting only not staff augmentation.
Question 5: Are new housing projects being planned and what role will the consultant team
Answer 5: No new Public Housing facilities are planned, any new housing would likely be Tax Credit or Affordable Housing and the consultants role if any would be on the financing side.