IFB for: Irrigation Systems Inspection, Testing, Repair, and Installation Services

To: File 1810-934-37-4853
IFB for: Irrigation Systems Inspection, Testing, Repair, and Installation Services
The following questions were received:
Question 1: The SAWS inspection requires a fully functional and working system so the fees would vary by
the property if we have to fix it to do the inspection.
Answer 1: The inspection fee should assume the system is working as designed, any repairs required
would be done under the testing and repair portions of the contract. Note that not all the
properties listed require a SAWS inspection.
Question 2: Can we visit the properties?
Answer 2: Yes, we only ask that you check in with the Property Management Office and let them know
who you are and why you are there.
Question 3: The monthly maintenance fee would be different for each property because the systems are
different sizes and configurations.
Answer 3: See attached revised fee pages and change to scope section 11 below.
Please note the following changes:
Change 1: The bid due date and time are changed to December 17, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.
Change 2: Replace the advertised fee pages with the attached revised pages.
Change 3: Replace the first paragraph of Section 11 Monthly Inspection Service of the
Specifications Supplemental Requirements with the paragraph below the remainder of
the section is unchanged:
During the defined Watering Season, Contractor shall inspect and test the irrigation
system at the SAHA Central office once a month and for each property which specifically
requests such service on an as called or scheduled basis. Each valve should be operated
individually to inspect for and correct the following conditions: misaligned irrigation
heads, clogged or obstructed heads, missing or vandalized heads, low-head drainage
conditions, overspray onto hardscaped areas, poor coverage or uniformity, stuck valves,
and broken risers, laterals or mains. Contractor shall perform this service for locations
added to the agreement per section 7.
Pre-submittal attendance is attached
By: CharlesRBode Date: December 10, 2018
Charles Bode Asst. Director of Procurement1810-934-37-4853 Irrigation Systems Inspection Testing Repair and Installation Services Addendum #1