The Latina Leadership Institute




Latina Leadership Institute

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Latina Leadership Institute is a six-month program (one day per month) designed to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence that today’s Latina Leaders need to succeed in their political aspirations of 1) running for elected office, 2) applying for positions on local, state, federal or corporate boards and commissions 3) applying for White House Appointee Positions, and/or 4) are interested in leadership roles within political campaign management

The program is a non-partisan, issue-neutral leadership program, whose mission is to increase the number and influence of Hispanic Women in elected and appointed office positions in the United States. By doing so, we will impact a change to the current political landscape. 

The program provides a highly personal experience that is tailored to help each Latina Leader cultivate skills that have never before been taught in one single program, with facilitators including local community and political leaders. The Latina Leadership Institute also provides a safe environment for learning and skill practice. Highly qualified facilitators provide participants with the personal insight and perspectives that will help them unlock their leadership potential and refine key leadership skills needed to achieve impactful, tangible results throughout their political career.

Workshops will feature facilitators and visiting Keynote Speakers as well as: City Council Leaders, Texas State Representatives, Past Texas and National Politicians, Past/Current White House Appointees, Campaign Managers, Business Leaders, and many more.


Why are we launching the Latina Leadership Institute?


Data from: LatinasRepresent, Political Parity, and NHLA published 2014 study

See more data at the LatinasRepresent website:


What Will I Learn?

Four key competencies are vital to all leaders, but play out in unique ways when Latina Leaders step into a civic engagement role:

  • self-awareness, learning agility, communication, and influence

At this level, Latina Leaders will also strengthen their ability to:

  • Think and act systemically, be resilient, gain confidence, and fundraise within their expanded network

By applying the lessons of Latina Leadership Institute, Latina Leaders will be able to:

1)    Communicate direction, achieve alignment and build commitment to continue to bridge gender gap.

2)    Gain critical perspectives, create buy-in and manage politics through collaboration.

3)    Solve complex problems and take wise action amidst complex, rapidly changing conditions.

4)    Build resiliency and leverage multiple life roles to be more effective.  


Important Dates:

Evening Welcome Reception – Thursday, January 11

Class 1 – Friday, February 2

Class 2 – Friday, March 23

Class 3 – Friday, April 13

Class 4 – Friday, May 11

Class 5 – Friday, June 22

Class 6 – Friday, July 27

Graduation Luncheon – Friday, August 17

*All class dates will be from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



The Latina Leadership Institute (LLI) is a six-month program, occurring all day on the Friday’s listed on the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber website. If selected, and through the duration of the six-month program, you will be asked to participate and report back to your cohorts in the following 3 areas: volunteerism, fundraise, and attempt/change policy. Attendance is mandatory for all sessions, including the welcoming reception and graduation. Social hours after class is organized on certain days are not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Lack of attendance will lead to being suspended from the program without reimbursement. 


Selection Criteria:

Applicants must

1)    Show evidence of a sincere interest in civic engagement.

2)    Demonstrate commitment to improving the community (local, state, national or otherwise).

3)    Have a desire to increase their service to the community through holding key political positions.

4)    Present a clear vision and desire to run for office, sit on boards and commissions, and explore national appointed position options.  


$650 total (Inquire at for installment payments)


Deadline to apply: 

Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. (Midnight)