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2013 Creative Industry Economic Impact Luncheon

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber, in partnership with the City of San Antonio’s Office of Cultural Affairs,hosted the 3rd Annual Creative Industry Economic Impact Luncheon. 

Our Keynote Speaker was renowned author Dr. Manuel Pastor, of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the University of Southern California. Dr. Pastor is an expert on linking prosperity and inclusion for metropolitan cities in America.

Business leaders from across the U.S. joined us as we reveal the most recent economic impact numbers of the creative industry for San Antonio’s growing economy.  Lunch was personally created by Chef Johnny Hernandez.

San Antonio is a great American city because of our diverse creative economy composed of numerous designers, artists, publishers, musicians, museums, advertisers, architects, digital media leaders, and culinary artists.  The Creative Industry in San Antonio is a key contributor to our overall quality of life –in jobs, tax revenue, culture, and identity.  


Creative Industry Impact Report by Dr. Steve Nivin, SABÉR Research Institute

San Antonio Arts Report by Dr. Manuel Pastor – Part 1

San Antonio Arts Report by Dr. Manuel Pastor – Part 2


2013 Creative Industry Event (Updated Oct 18)


2013 Creative Industry Economic Impact Luncheon Sponsorship Form


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