Day: March 26, 2012

Key to Success
Learn how the City can help your business grow

The City of San Antonio is hosting a series of Small Business Resource Fairs to help local business owners become vendors for City projects. The fairs will provide opportunities and support for small businesses that seek to do business with the City. In addition, attendees will be able to connect with a counselor or mentor;…

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Young, Underemployed and Optimistic

A majority of the American public believe that young adults (ages 18 to 34) are having the toughest time of any age group in today’s economy. A new Pew Research Center survey also finds that young adults say that the sluggish economy has had an impact on a wide array of coming-of-age decisions about career,…

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Business Journal Expo
Get maximum exposure for your business!

What makes the San Antonio Business Journal’s Biz Growth EXPO different from the others? Decision makers at San Antonio’s fast growing and most successful companies choose the San Antonio Business Journal as their preferred resource for local news and critical information about the business landscape.  These money making experts depend on our resources to run…

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Texas Population Growth, Projections, and Implications

Rapid demographic changes present future challenges for the state of Texas. As the state’s baby boomer generation ages, more demands will be placed on housing, health care, and social services. While Hispanics already are a dominant group in Texas, they are projected to become the majority population group by 2020, according to the Texas State…

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The Nation’s Long-Term Unemployed

Nationally, as of December 2011, nearly four million people had been without work for at least a year and were still looking. This report shows what percentages of the nation’s unemployed have been out of work for more than 27 or 52 weeks in the largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) around the country. Read the…

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The Hispanic Population in Texas
The Hispanic Population in Texas: A Comparison of the Hispanic Counts from the 2000 Census and the 2010 Census

This publication presents population-related information regarding the state of Texas. Texas’ rapidly growing Hispanic population is dramatically changing the state’s demographic and economic landscape. Over the past decade, the Hispanic population in Texas grew 41.8%, making up 37.6% of the state’s total population. Births have surpassed immigration as the main driver of the dynamic growth…

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