Day: May 7, 2012

Retail USA: What’s In Store for 2016?

By integrating research across its proprietary products, Nielsen developed a forward-looking view of the retail environment encompassing trends in channels and formats, media and communication methods, as well as the impact of consumer trends such as an increasingly aging and ethnic population, the changing definition of convenience, and the continuing focus on health and wellness….

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energy efficient home
Become A Certified Energy Efficiency Expert!

Earn up to $1,000 Financial Incentive to Individuals Interested in Energy Rater Certification for Existing Residential Properties The City of San Antonio is providing a financial reimbursement program to individuals based in the CPS Energy service area who want to obtain a RESNET Home Energy Rater (HERS) or Home Energy Survey Professional certification or BPI…

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Consumption of Alternative Transportation Fuels Rises in 2010

The Energy Information Administration reported that consumption of alternative transportation fuels increased 6% in 2010, with a total of 457,755 thousand gasoline-equivalent gallons, compared to 431,107 thousand gasoline-equivalent gallons in 2009. Natural gas continues to account for just more than half of all alternative fuels consumed by alternative fueled vehicles in fleets. The consumption of…

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Drivers of Job Losses in Transport Sector

In a detailed analysis of industry employment data, the Department of Labor said the transportation and warehousing sector saw the biggest job losses in April’s employment report. The job loss in transit and ground passenger transportation stemmed from a decline in school bus-related employment. Read the full report: Drivers of Job Losses in Transport Sector…

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Best States to Do Business and Best Places to Live

The best states in which to do business aren’t necessarily the best places to live. The latest issue of Chief Executive magazine ranks the best and worst states to do business based on a survey of 650 CEOs. Respondents were asked to grade states in which they do business in a number of ways, including…

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Most Graduates Face A Mixed Job Market

Graduating college students face a mixed job market at best this year, and most will leave school without an offer in hand, despite an uptick in hiring by on-campus recruiters. According to a survey of employers by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, those that recruit on campuses plan to boost hiring of new…

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