Educational Programs


CORE4 STEM Program is a three-day celebration of education and career opportunities in “STEM” –science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. CORE4’s mission is to stimulate students’ interest in the sciences and lead them to discoveries about their own potential in these areas and provides immersion in the excitement, surprise, and fun inherent in the sciences. The CORE4 Expo brings students, parents, and educators together with high-profile STEM professionals, corporations, government agencies, universities, and colleges.


The R.I.S.E. Workbook is easy to use for parents/families/community organizations and elementary school kids, bilingual, and FREE! With R.I.S.E., we hope that both children and adults can learn life skills that will help them prepare for the 21st century mindset and help them prepare for the workforce. R.I.S.E. encompasses the entrepreneurial mindset that more employers are looking for and more schools are trying to incorporate into lessons because it has proven to help children recognize opportunities, solve problems, resolve conflict better, manage risk, and be more optimistic.