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Hispanic Leadership Development Foundation

Hispanic Leadership Development Foundation

The mission of the Hispanic Leadership Development Foundation 501(c)3 is to remove barriers of past discrimination in the San Antonio workforce and fill a void in the San Antonio community by providing several accessible and affordable activities, which are designed to target small, minority and women owned businesses and minority youth, who require education and support to become leaders in the San Antonio community. The Foundation also educates participants on policy issues affecting the civic and economic well-being of the community and create a larger pool of knowledgeable, skilled and active leaders. 


The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to present our Hispanic Leadership Development Foundation Video produced by Heather Angel Chandler, with Innovative Multimedia Group, LLC.  The video outlines the impact of our Hispanic Chamber Leadership Programs including: CORE4 STEMthe Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program (ABLDP), and the Latina Leadership Institute.