LSA 42 – City of Opportunity

San Antonio is a City of Opportunity, according to the Income & Equality Group of LSA 42.  Our day started at the DoSeum where Dr. Christine Drennon, Associate Professor at Trinity University, gave a fascinating presentation on the history of San Antonio has related to demographics and income.  Afterwards, David Nisivoccia, President and CEO of the San Antonio Housing Authority, took the class on a bus tour to see and explore pockets of housing in San Antonio’s west, east, and southside.


 At lunch at the Guadalupe Theater, Superintendent Pedro Martinez, SAISD, gave the class an update on what specifically San Antonio Independent School District is doing to improve the education of students in their district.  Class members sat at tables with various non-profit organizations to hear specific examples of groups filling the community’s needs.  Following lunch, we went to CentroMed’s headquarters.  Ana Maria Garza Cortez provided information on how CentroMed fills the need of adequate and available healthcare in the southern region of the city.  Back at the DoSeum to end the day, Hope Andrade moderated a panel with Bonnie Prosser Elder from VIA, Leo Gomez from Brooks City Base, and Dr. Thomas Schlenker, how income and equality have affected San Antonio’s grow.  The day concluded with philanthropist Harvey Najim stressing the need to help others. 


Congratulations to the  Income & Equality Group on such a successful day! As always, thank you to our LSA 42 Steering Committee Members led by Co-Chairs Andrew Casillas and Lisa Brunsvold!