Pape Dawson hosts ABLDP Class 1!

Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program Class of 2017 had a great first class day this past Friday, June 16th at Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.  With facilitator Winslow Swart, the 58 person class began their year meeting each other and learning more about themselves through a variety of activities throughout the day.  


Program namesake Alexander E. Brieseño provided the keynote for the day on the 10 guiding principles he has used throughout his career.  The powerful message to students provided them the opportunity to meet Mr. Briseño and to learn more from him.  Marisa Ortiz, Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach, taught the class more on what StrengthFinders is and how to use their assigned strengths to their advantage personally and professionally.  


As a special treat, J.R. Treviño, ABLDP Class of 2012 and Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Castle Hills presented the class with an official recognition of the Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program.  The affirmation solidifies the importance of the program building up new and existing leaders in the San Antonio community.