Government Affairs


Who Represents Me Find out the name and contact information for your elected official at every level of government.

Contacting Your Elected Official Use this site and the information below as a general set of ideas and protocol for contacting your elected officials. Learn how to properly address letters, the best and most effective ways to advocate via phone, email, or letters and see examples of each.

Register to Vote Let your voice be heard! When you vote, your opinion is heard. Use this link to get registered and make an impact on your community, state and country.  You can also find information on upcoming elections.

For more information regarding elections in Bexar County, please click HERE for the Bexar County Elections Department website.

Coalition to Save In-State Tuition Find out the latest Legislative information on “Saving In-State Tuition” for Texas students regardless of immigration status. All students deserve a quality education in Texas.