COSA 2012 Bond Position Statement

The City of San Antonio’s 2012-2017 Bond proposal focuses on the City’s core functions and basic infrastructure needs. On September 15, 2011, City Council approved the allocation of $596 million to four infrastructure categories:

  • $340 million for Streets/Bridges/Sidewalks
  • $130 million for Drainage
  • $65 million for Parks
  • $61 million for Facilities/Community Initiatives

Additionally, four Community Bond Committees (made up of 2 chairs and 3 appointed individuals per Council district – for a total of 128 citizens across all 4 categories) were created to serve as advisory boards for city-wide input and to analyze potential projects to recommend to City Council for inclusion in the proposed 2012 Bond program.

COSA 2012 Bond Position Statement 10.31.2011