The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce fully supports Proposition 3

Support for Proposition 3 House Joint Resolution (HJR) 133

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the first Hispanic Chamber in the nation, representing more almost 1,000 members in the greater San Antonio area, fully supports Proposition 3 (HJR 133), for aircraft inventory tax exemption. The constitutional amendment that would authorize local political subdivisions to extend the length of time that aircraft parts could remain temporarily in this state before being subject to ad valorem taxation. Under current law, merchandise, wares, and goods (including aircraft parts) may remain in this state temporarily for up to 175 days before being subject to ad valorem taxation; the proposed amendment would permit taxing entities to extend the exemption up to 730 days after the date that a person acquired or imported aircraft parts in the state.

Full Statement:  Prop 3.HJR 133.Position.Statement.2013.Approved.10.24.13