Local Advocates, Business And Community Leaders Signed On To Amicus Briefs Filed In U.S. v. Texas

Yesterday, local advocates, business and community leaders signed on to amicus briefs filed in U.S. v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that will determine the fate of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration – and will affect the lives of millions of undocumented immigrants and American families. In a show of solidarity, brief signatories and supporters of the DACA+/DAPA programs noted the positive impact that they will have for our country, and the ways in which the implementation of the programs will improve the lives of millions of immigrants who are already living in the U.S. and contributing to our economy and to our communities.


“These efforts are necessary for the American economy to continue its competitive edge in the global marketplace. One in every five U.S. millennials is Latino, a generation that is socially responsible for a vast growth of entrepreneurship in America. Embracing immigrants through programs like DACA will allow for continued economic growth and ensure that American business is seen as a global leader.” – Ramiro A. Cavazos, President and CEO of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


“DACA has enabled me to get a job, start a business, pay back my student loans, and buy a car. At the end of the day, DACA allows me to participate fully in the community where I grew up. Because of the vetting required to participate in this program, DACA recipients truly represent an accomplished group of individuals who could contribute so much to our communities. There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who deserve this opportunity.” – Leezia Dhalla, DACA recipient


“The expanded DACA and DAPA programs would be an important step forward for the U.S. and Central Texas communities in particular. Deferred action would increase tax revenue across the state of Texas, promote new company and job creation, and lead to higher wages for all workers.” – Peter French, Co-Founder of the San Antonio Entrepreneur Center


“Most of the families who would apply for the immigration initiatives include American citizens. They are already part of our communities, of our churches and schools, and of our local workforce. We should embrace their contributions that benefit all of us, instead of trying to rip apart their families.” – Selene Gomez, Mi Familia Vota San Antonio Coordinator


The President’s executive actions are fully supported by law. The DAPA and expanded DACA programs will allow millions to come out of the shadows and provide work authorization to approximately 5 million undocumented immigrants. We urge the court to recognize the contributions of these individuals and the overwhelmingly positive impact that the expanded DACA and DAPA programs will have for our economy and for communities across the country.  


For more information about the case visit: http://www.fightforfamilies.org/