Garner SP – HQ & Cabins Roof Replacement

This solicitation requires an HSP to be submitted with your response. If the HSP is incorrect and/or incomplete, it may cause your response to be disqualified. If the HSP is not submitted with your response or fails to meet good faith effort requirements, your response will be disqualified.

Please use the attached HSP Quick Checklist to help you determine how to complete the HSP. The HUB subcontracting goal for this solicitation is 32.9%. Please keep this goal in mind when reviewing the checklist and Section 2 of the HSP. If Method B, Attachment B is to be used, the last day that you may send your notifications to Texas-certified HUBs and minority, women, or service-disabled veteran trade organizations or development centers in order to meet the seven (7) working days requirement is Thursday, July 11, 2019. This date is subject to change if the response due date is changed (ex. addendum). NOTE: Thursday, July 4, 2019 is a holiday and does not count as one of the seven (7) working days per Method B, Section B-3 of the HSP.

Also attached is a fillable PDF of the HSP, HUB HSP Information (Part 2 of 2; Part 1 of 2 is this e-mail), and the HUB Subcontracting Opportunities form (PWD-991 or PWD-991a).

If you have any questions regarding the HSP process or to have a draft of your HSP reviewed prior to submitting a response, please contact the TPWD HUB Program.

HUB Administration




HUB Presentation Rev. 0319HUB Subcontracting Plan – All Forms (Rev. 02-01-17) LHUB Subcontracting Plan – Quick Checklist (Rev. 02-01-17)PWD-991 1110331&1110349