Remove, Repair & Replace Shingle Roofs at Villa de Valencia Apartments

1902-910-66-4886 R R R Shingle Roofs at Villa de Valencia

1902-910-66-4886 R R R Shingle Roofs at Villa de Valencia Apts Addendum #1

Invitation For Bids
Removal, Repair and Replacement of Shingle Roofs at
Villa de Valencia Apartments

The Housing Authority of the City of San Antonio, Texas and its affiliated entities d/b/a San
Antonio Housing Authority (“SAHA”) hereby invites qualified independent Contractors to
submit bids for the shingle roof removal, repair and replacement at the Villa de Valencia

As a part of our social mission and federal mandate, SAHA is committed to providing
economic, training and educational opportunities to the low income individuals in the
communities we serve. All contractors are required to recruit and hire low income individuals
for new positions and provide training & educational opportunities to the greatest extent
feasible for these individuals.

The Invitation for Bids can be obtained by calling 210-477-6059 or online at:,tx/buyer/public/home

Notice: Contact with members of the SAHA Board of Commissioners, or SAHA officers and
employees other than the contact person listed herein, by any prospective Bidder, after
publication of the IFB and prior to the execution of a contract with the successful bidder(s)
could result in disqualification of your bid. In fairness to all prospective bidder(s) during the
IFB process, if SAHA meets in person with anyone representing a potential provider of these
services to discuss this IFB other than at the pre-submittal meeting, an addendum will be
issued to address all questions so as to insure no Bidder has a competitive advantage over
another. This does not exclude meetings required to conduct business not related to the IFB
or possible personal presentations after written qualifications have been received and