SAHA Generator Maintenance and Repair Services Bid

1903-936-39-4897 Generator Maintenance & Repair Services- Addendum-1

The Housing Authority of the City of San Antonio, Texas and its affiliated entities d/b/a San Antonio Housing Authority (“SAHA”) hereby invites qualified independent Contractors to submit bids for Generator Maintenance and Repair Service including Annual Load Bank Testing.

As a part of our social mission and federal mandate, SAHA is committed to providing economic, training and educational opportunities to the low income individuals in the communities we serve. All contractors are required to recruit and hire low income individuals for new positions and provide training & educational opportunities to the greatest extent feasible for these individuals.

The Invitation for Bids can be obtained by calling 210-477-6059

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BID DUE DATE May 17, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. SAHA Procurement Dept. 818 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX 78204 ANTICIPATED APPROVAL BY THE BOARD May/June 2019


3.1 SPECIFICATIONS: The Contractor shall provide the goods or services as specified in this IFB and any attached HUD Documents. Specifications are in Attachment A.

3.2 REGULATORY/LICENSING: Contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and codes and obtain any licenses or permits required to provide the services under this IFB. Obtaining licenses and permits shall be the sole responsibility of the successful Bidder whether or not they are known to either the SAHA or the Bidders at the time of the submittal deadline or the award.

3.3 SECTION 3: Contactor is required to prepare and submit monthly reports on Section 3. Contractor shall utilize Section 3 residents and businesses as defined in Attachment D to perform the requirements under this IFB to the greatest extent feasible and shall document such efforts monthly. There is a 30% goal for hiring Section 3 residents on any contract resulting from this IFB, a subcontracting goal of 10% for Section 3 Businesses for construction contracts and a subcontracting goal of 3% with Section 3 Businesses for non-construction contracts. Contractors will be evaluated on their performance at achieving this goal and such evaluation shall be a factor in future awards. FAILURE TO PROVIDE A SECTION 3 PLAN MAY CAUSE THE SUBMITTAL TO BE DISQUALIFIED AS NON-RESPONSIVE.


Invitation For Bids (IFB) INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) NO. 1903-936-39-4897 Generator Maintenance & Repair Services _____________________________________________________________________________

3.4 SMALL, WOMAN, MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (SWMBE): The Proposer is required to include a plan identifying the Proposer’s good faith efforts to assist SAHA in its responsibility to foster the development of small and historically under-utilized business enterprises including woman owned, minority owned, disabled veteran owned business enterprises and other business enterprises owned and recognized by HUD as having privileged status. All subcontracting opportunities shall be outlined in this plan and any subcontractors listed on the Subcontractor’s form provided in Attachment C. FAILURE TO PROVIDE A SWMBE PLAN MAY CAUSE THE SUBMITTAL TO BE DISQUALIFIED AS NON-RESPONSIVE.

3.5 RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUBCONTRACTORS: All requirements for the “Prime” contractor shall also apply to any and all subcontractors. It is the Prime Contractors’ responsibility to insure the compliance by the subcontractors. Regardless of subcontracting, the Prime Contractor remains liable to SAHA for the performance under this IFB or any resulting contract.

3.6 CRIMINAL HISTORY/DRUG TESTING; Contractor shall perform criminal history checks and drug screening tests on all employees performing work under this IFB and any resulting contract and if requested provide summaries of the results to SAHA. Prospective employees whose criminal history checks discloses a misdemeanor or felony conviction involving crimes of moral turpitude or harm to persons or property shall not be used to perform work under this IFB or any resulting contract. Contractor is required to perform drug screening of all employees and to insure acceptable test results. Criminal history and drug screening checks will be completed at the sole expense of the Contractor.

3.7 LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: For each day that performance under a resulting contract from this IFB is delayed beyond the time specified for completion, the successful Bidder shall be liable for liquidated damages in the amount of $50.00 per day. However, the timeframe for performance may be adjusted at SAHA’s discretion in writing and received by the successful Bidder prior to default under any resulting contract.

3.8 UNACCEPTABLE EMPLOYEES: If any employee of the Contractor is deemed unacceptable by SAHA, Contractor shall immediately replace such personnel with a substitute acceptable to SAHA.

3.9 UNIFORMS/BADGES: Contractor shall provide uniforms and/or ID badges for all employees working on SAHA’s properties. No employee will be allowed on SAHA’s properties out of uniform and/or without an ID badge.

3.10 WARRANTY: All items installed/provided under any contract resulting from this IFB must include a minimum of a two (2) year warranty from the Contractor for labor, materials, and installation except as specified otherwise herein. This period will begin on the date of “FINAL” acceptance by SAHA.


Invitation For Bids (IFB) INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) NO. 1903-936-39-4897 Generator Maintenance & Repair Services _____________________________________________________________________________

3.10.1 The services provided under the contract shall conform to all information contained within the IFB documents as well as applicable Industry Published Technical Specifications, and if one of the above mentioned Specifications contains more stringent requirements than the other, the more stringent requirements shall apply.

3.10.2 In addition to all other warranties, the warranty shall include the warranty for merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

3.10.3 Contractor shall assign any warranties and guarantees to SAHA and provide the Contractor’s Warranty for Labor and Installation to SAHA along with all Manufacturers’ Warranty documents.

3.11 SUBMISSIONS: Late submissions will not be accepted. Submissions received

prior to the opening will be held in confidence until the opening.


3.12.1 Base Costs: Your proposed fee for each item is inclusive of all necessary costs to provide the proposed services, including, but not limited to: employee costs and benefits; clerical support; overhead; profit; supplies; materials; licensing; insurance, vehicle fuel, etc. Each fee proposed shall be fully “burdened” with profit and overhead costs.

3.12.2 Unit Prices: Your proposed unit price for each item listed on the Unit Price Sheet, if required, shall be inclusive of all expenses incurred to perform the service under this IFB and any resulting contract. Unit Price shall include but not be limited to, employee costs and benefits, clerical support, overhead, profit, supplies, materials, equipment, licensing, insurance, bonding, vehicle fuel, etc. In case of a discrepancy between a unit price and an extension the unit price prevails.

3.12.3 Contractor shall provide at contractor’s own expense all equipment, labor, materials, supplies, and tools unless specified otherwise.

3.13 Taxes: SAHA, as a governmental entity, is exempt from Texas State Sales and Use Taxes and Federal Excise Taxes. A letter of Tax Exemption will be provided upon request.

3.14 Delivery: All costs submitted by the successful Bidder shall reflect the cost of delivering the proposed items and/or services to the locations specified within the IFB documents or within the Agreement. All costs in the bid submittal shall be quoted as FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid and allowed unless otherwise stated in this IFB.


Invitation For Bids (IFB) INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) NO. 1903-936-39-4897 Generator Maintenance & Repair Services _____________________________________________________________________________

3.14.1 The successful Bidder agrees to deliver to the designated location(s) on or before the date as specified in the finalized contract. Failure to deliver on or before the specified date constitutes an event of default by the successful Bidder. Upon default, the successful Bidder agrees that SAHA may, at its option, rescind the finalized contract under the termination clause herein and seek compensatory damages as provided by law.

3.15 “Or Equal”: Catalogs, brand names or manufacturer’s references where provided are descriptive only and indicate type and quality desired. Bids on brands of like nature and quality will be considered unless specified otherwise. If bidding other than the referenced manufacturer, brand or trade name, Bidder must provide a complete description of product offered, and illustrations and must be included in the bid submittal. Failure to include the above referenced data will require Contractor to furnish the specified brand names, numbers, etc.

3.16 TYPE OF CONTRACT: Firm fixed 1 year contract with the option to extend for

up to four additional one (1) year periods at the sole discretion of SAHA.

3.19 DISPOSAL OF TRASH/DEBRIS: All debris and trash must be disposed of offsite in accordance with all local, State, and Federal laws and codes. At no time shall the Contractor dispose of debris or trash in any SAHA refuse container.