SAHCC – AVP of Education & Future Workforce Development

Job Description

Organization: San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Title: Associate VP of Education & Future Workforce Development
Reports to: COO, CEO, & CFO
Grant Funded: No
FLSA Status: Exempt
Salary: Commensurate with Experience

Position Summary
The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is San Antonio’s leading resource and advocate for Hispanic businesses, Hispanics in business, and provides premiere access to the Hispanic market. This position leads the efforts of the Hispanic Chamber’s education initiatives, including the Annual CORE4 STEM Program and R.I.S.E. (Raising & Inspiring Successful Entrepreneurs) program.

Essential Functions
• Staffs the Hispanic Chamber Education Committee
• Manages all of the logistics and coordination of all Education programs
➢ Email communication with Committee
➢ Securing venue and catering for committee meetings
➢ Managing budget for each program
➢ Managing social media and promotions for each program page (recruiting new partners from the community, speaking to large community groups about the program, etc.).
➢ Updating Hispanic Chamber website on updates for each program including photos, recap., and other relevant items to share with Communications Dept. and Hispanic Chamber newsletter.
• Serves as the leading staff running the Hispanic Chamber’s Annual STEM Programs and the year-long planning process leading up to the CORE4 STEM Program each November
• Responsible for fundraising for the CORE4 STEM Program each year with a goal of
$250,000. This role includes development meetings, grant management, grant applications, and solicitation of Sponsorship dollars from personal network/contacts.
• Tracking and managing all receipts, accounts, fiscal transactions, and reimbursements for all education programs.
• Serves as the leading staff running the Hispanic Chamber’s R.I.S.E. program
• Works closely with stakeholders in targeted areas to engage them to work with the Hispanic Chamber and carry out the mission of the organization and programs.
• Represents the Hispanic Chamber in community efforts and events related to education as directed.
• Assists in the areas of grant development, funding streams, and the identification of new partnership/funding opportunities to grow our respective programs.
• Conducts research on education opportunities and issues impacting San Antonio and the Hispanic Chamber’s respective constituencies.
➢ Including but not limited to assisting the VP of Government Affairs in research and advocacy pertaining to issues affecting school districts, requirements, and other education-related items (Ex. House Bill 5, The Every Student Succeeds Act, Computer Science for All Bill, etc.) and testifying publicly when necessary.
• Manages all communication, planning, and constituent work related to departmental committee functionality.
• Maintains accurate records for committees, department contacts, and any other data sets as required or assigned.
• Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Must be able to establish, engage, and communicate effectively with stakeholders, community leaders and corporate leaders.
• Must have good communication skills both oral and written.
• Must have understanding of program and project management in order to meet organization, and program goals and guidelines.
• Must be able to analyze and synthesize information and perform evaluations on activities with minimal assistance and be able to report.
• Demonstrates ability to work effectively as a team member and to work independently of others.
• Must be able to convey information, guidance and work directions, instilling a sense of mission, service, cooperation, and collaboration with staff and partners within assigned work areas.
• Must be able to think critically and ask critical questions to ensure the success of program goals and outcomes.
• Experience in working on grant related activities, preferred.
• Must have experience in research, data analysis, and project management.
• Knowledge and understanding of community programs, advocacy, and community activism required.
• Have the ability to speak publicly on behalf of the organization in order to carry out the goals and engage people to work with the Hispanic Chamber on this and other efforts.
• Must be able to lift a minimum of ten pounds in the working setting.
• Ability to read, write, and speak English and Spanish preferred.

Education and Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in fields of Communications, Marketing, Education, Public Administration, or Business-Related – preferred.
• Cultural competencies with regard to the population in San Antonio is strongly preferred.
• Computer literacy and proficiency in spreadsheet, database, presentation, and word processing software required. Microsoft Office (Publisher), Adobe Suite, and other data managements systems is preferred.
• Ability to learn to write and report information clearly and effectively.
• Ability to read, write, and speak English and Spanish preferred.