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300 Years of the Confluence of Cultures and for Generations to Come

Leadership San Antonio Class #43 (LSA300)

The Tricentennial, Arts & Culture Day, May 3, 2018

By Elizabeth Eguía-García, Executive Director of Maestro Entrepreneur Center

When you step into a historical moment, oftentimes you may not know it at first. Our committee of 10 community leaders organized the Leadership San Antonio Tricentennial, Arts & Culture Day for May 3, 2018. Our day became more than just planning a day full of activities showcasing the local arts and culture. It became an opportunity to make history together.

The first visioning session we held enabled us to articulate why this day was important to us as a group. Our three focus areas became: Discover, Experience, Sustain. We believe that the arts & culture is something that each one of us must explore and discover. We must find what art forms resonate with us and we encourage you to discover why it does. We think that the arts & culture must be an experience you feel using your natural senses to come away with a deeper appreciation for its value. We know that the arts & culture community needs sustainability plans to not only survive but also to thrive for generations to come. These three principles became the driving force behind our vision for our day.

The 61 LSA participants were offered the opportunity to discover, experience and sustain the arts & culture by visiting the UNESCO San José Mission & receiving an exclusive blessing from the Tehuan Band of Mission Indians of San Antonio; tasting a culinary dish combining three cultural heritages of Spanish, Mexican, and Indian influence designed by culinary artist Chef Johnny Hernandez and True Flavors; listening to the Opera San Antonio singers perform; walking the historical site of the San Pedro Creek with a special behind the scenes tour; visiting the Snake Hawk Press studio of local artist Cruz Ortiz with a demonstration & keepsake of his print art; experiencing the beauty of the Flamenco dancers; and representing the LSA300 class at the City of San Antonio’s Tricentennial Founder’s Day Gala.

In the end, we deepened our appreciation of one another’s cultural heritages as expressed through the arts. The LSA300 class celebrated all the contributions of the diverse peoples who shape the fabric of our identity as the great City of San Antonio. Through our group’s efforts, we have contributed a piece to the Tricentennial tapestry of celebrating “a confluence of cultures” by ensuring that our LSA300 leaders came away with the three principles. That is, to Discover, Experience, and Sustain the arts & culture for generations to come. As a result, May 3rd was a great day to make history together.