Plug Me In: Smart. Connected. Electrified. 2019 Summit


June 19, 2019 | 7:00 am – 1:30 pm

Pearl Stable | Pearl Brewery

307 Pearl Parkway | San Antonio, Texas 78215

EPIcenter’s Summit on Electrification

This half-day Summit will feature speakers from across the country, leaders in their fields with diverse perspectives. Timely keynotes, interesting panels, and “hot off the line” technology vignettes make up the day. Absorb best practices, lessons learned, and, of course, advanced technologies that are moving us forward into an increasingly electrified society. Other topics include infrastructure readiness, industrial applications in practice, residential and commercial applications, smart city applications, and policy and regulation. The event is for business leaders and savvy citizens looking for a way to leverage the future.




The Coming Surge of Electrification

There is so much in the news about the shift to rooftop solar, electric vehicles, cleaning up energy supplies and on and on. In the opening keynote, discover what this all means to the business leader and consumer today and how to navigate through the static.


The “Electrified” Utility

Increasing pressure is being applied to utilities to innovate and prepare for the increasing challenges of distributed power sources. They must keep the lights on and do so at a reasonable cost all the while innovating. During this discussion of high-level utility executives, gain perspective on what they are thinking about the future and how they are getting ready…and what it will mean to you.


Tech Talks

  • Hear from Big Sun which is expanding solar accessibility to more households than ever before with a new business model.
  • Can you really harvest potable water from the air and a solar panel? Zero Mass Water will demonstrate how.
  • A University of Texas San Antonio team has figured out how to power traffic lights and more from everyday road traffic.
  • Incentifind is connecting green projects to green incentives.
  • Leveraging solar for electric fleet charging is the work of Solports.


Lead, Follow or Get Out of Electrification: Government Policy and Regulation

Public policy can enable or quash innovation in electrification. Explore with our panel how policy and government need to evolve to remove barriers and enable the best and brightest.


The Electrification of Mobility

Buses, cars, and scooters OH MY! Cities are at the center of the changes occurring in the way people move and the trend toward electric versions of the vehicles that carry them. Hear a panel of mobility aficionados break down the issues and the emerging tech.


Electrification on an Industrial Scale

Electrification in oil and gas production?  Agriculture?  Heavy manufacturing? Had not thought that was already happening? Hear from some industrial leaders leveraging the latest technology and winning.


Electrified or Shocked? Electrification for Your Home and Business

Always wanted solar panels on the roof or are thinking about a greener new office building? Or do you just want to save money on your electrical bill? Electrification is changing rapidly in both residential and commercial spaces. Learn how to leverage the newest processes and enabling technologies in this panel discussion.



The Outer Limits of Electrification

The future of energy is calling and whether society can answer depends heavily on the progress of the research and development community. Hear from an authority leading the charge at the Electric Power Research Institute.