Picking Up the Pace

Article source: constructionnews.net

SAN ANTONIO T.X. – The new home of Treco Enterprises, Inc. has been about two years in the making, and finally, Edward “JR” Trevino, vice president – business development, and his parents have a new home the business can call its own.

Since Treco had outgrown its former office off Tradesman Drive, which was about 1,000sf, JR and his father, Edward Trevino, Treco’s president, sought out a bigger, more central location. When they found their new office downtown at 1414 North San Jacinto, the space needed a lot of work, but being general contractors, they put two years of work into the building. About six months ago, they achieved substantial completion on their new base of operations.

After doing a little research into the new building’s history, JR discovered that the building was once home to David Pace, founder of Pace Foods. Upon digging up the original deed, he learned that Hettie Bosshardt sold the land to David and Margaret (nee Bosshardt) Pace on Dec. 21, 1955 and a portion of the property was deeded to the city for the expressway, which is I-10 today.

 Now, with Treco settling into its home, business continues to pick up pace. Running 12 trucks and about 15 employees, those numbers are up from when they first bought the new building. JR comments that having their own property has been conducive to the growth of their workload and team.

 While working on the property, Trevino, his mother and father, and one of their administrators used a small 15×15 room as their office until the office space inside could be finished out to allow them each to have a space to call their own.

The new location has about 3,000sf of office space with room to add more offices if the need arises. There was also space for a conference room and a file room, which JR notes was a big bonus. Though they kept files in cabinets and moved older files into boxes in their former location, the new one allowed them to put in a rolling file system, which makes everything easily accessible and much more convenient.

 The new building also has a 9,000-sf warehouse, whereas the old office didn’t have a place for them to receive material. There are old drainage grates in the floor of the warehouse, which JR believes is a remnant from its time under Pace’s ownership. They also made several improvements to the property, including safety and security features, such as new fencing and video monitoring systems.

The new building is just north of downtown and only about two to three miles from one of Treco’s current projects, its largest renovation to date, the downtown La Quinta Inn across the street from Rivercenter Mall. –mh