Texas Biomedical Research Institute Is Looking For Participants

Texas Biomed Skin Study

Researchers at Texas Biomedical Research Institute, a nonprofit biomedical research institute with a 74-year history in San Antonio, are recruiting Mexican and Mexican-American individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 to participate in a study (“Persistent tanning as a novel adaptation to ultraviolet radiation in Indigenous Americans” IRB #HSC20130334H).  The goal of their study is to learn whether an individual’s ability to tan and the length of time that tan persists is related to his or her proportion of Native American ancestry and risk of sun damage. They are testing the hypothesis that increased tanning may occur in people with Native American ancestry as an adaptation to intense ultraviolet radiation in tropical and subtropical regions.  They are also interested in the genetics of tanning response because of its relationship with skin cancer risk and vitamin D deficiency – a risk factor for many common diseases.

Participants will be asked to come in for one 60 minute session and three 5 minute sessions and will receive $25 in compensation for their participation. Participants will also be eligible to participate in an additional study of pigmentation and facial features and receive a free 23andMe personal genetics kit (retail value $99, 23andMe.com).  For more information or to volunteer for the study, please e-mail Principal Investigator Dr. Ellen Quillen at TexasSkinStudy@gmail.com.