Bravo! Leticia Vacek inducted into the San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame

San Antonio City Clerk, Leticia M. Vacek, has been inducted into the San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame (SAWHOF), and has also been named a Texas Preservation Hero by the San Antonio Conservation Society.

The SAWHOF recognizes and honors outstanding women in the community for their service and contributions. Vacek received the Public Service Award for her leadership in creating the City’s Archival Program and Digital Collection, establishing a Passport Facility and implementing the Electronic Campaign Reporting System for Officeholders and Candidates.

Each year the San Antonio Conservation Society recognizes significant accomplishments in accordance with the organization’s purpose. This year, the Society honored Vacek as a Texas Preservation Hero.

Since being appointed San Antonio City Clerk in 2004, Vacek established the City’s first Archival Program and implemented the first Digital Collection by digitizing various documents including the City’s first maps, minutes, ordinances, elections, historical letters and other documents.  

She has also restored, reproduced and preserved penned letters by General Santa  Anna  and  President  of  Mexico  Porfirio  Diaz.  She  implemented  the  City’s  first Electronic Campaign Filing System which was purchased by the City of Dallas.  Additionally, she established the City’s Passport.