Hispanic Chamber Chairman Raúl Lomelí-Azoubel appointed to MALDEF Board of Directors

Raul Lomeli-Azoubel

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce congratulates our 2012 Chairman of the Board Raúl Lomelí-Azoubel on his appointment to the 2012 MALDEF National Board of Directors.

“We are proud of Raúl Lomelí and his appointment to the MALDEF Board,” said Ramiro Cavazos, Hispanic Chamber President and CEO. “His leadership and commitment to serving the Hispanic community has been evident throughout his career and we are honored to have his leadership as our 2012 Chairman.”

Raúl is the Executive Chairman at SABEResPODER whose primary mission is to educate people and empower lives.  The organization’s network of video, print, mobile, digital, and educational events offers practical tools for Latinos who are actively seeking information and solutions to further establish themselves in U.S. society.

Founded in 1968, MALDEF is the nation’s leading Latino legal civil rights organization. For more information on MALDEF, visit their website at www.maldef.org.