Hispanic Chamber commends City Council’s historic approval of water project for San Antonio’s future

Dear Members and Friends,

Today’s historic unanimous vote by the San Antonio City Council in favor of the Abengoa Vista Ridge Water Project will provide our city with water to keep up with our region’s fast-growing residential and commercial needs for the next 30 years.

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber congratulates Berto Guerra, Chairman of San Antonio Water System (SAWS) and Past Chair of the Hispanic Chamber, Robert Puente, President/CEO of SAWS, and SAWS trustees for negotiating a great deal for San Antonio’s business community through an open and transparent process.

The Hispanic Chamber Trade Delegates visiting Abengoa Water in Sevilla during the 2013 Trade Mission to Spain.

Through the Hispanic Chamber’s strong international trade program, Abengoa’s global headquarters were first visited during an initial trade mission to Spain led by Hispanic Chamber business leaders seeking to expand water development resources to San Antonio.

Since 2009, the Hispanic Chamber has conducted annual trade missions to Spain to meet with state-of-the-art companies specializing in water, energy, transportation and information technology.

The Hispanic Chamber’s Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the Abengoa Vista Ridge Water Project approved today and is proud to have played an essential role in its passage.

The Chamber’s Chairman of the Board Patricia Pliego Stout, who spoke today at City Council representing our 1,000 members and San Antonio citizens, stated it very well according to the San Antonio Express-News;

“If this doesn’t pass, what is the alternative? How are we going to resolve our water issue?” said the business leader, mother and grandmother in support of the project.

Today, hers’ and many others’ questions were answered as San Antonio’s future water needs were secured by the San Antonio City Council, SAWS, and through the Hispanic Chamber’s economic development efforts.


Ramiro A. Cavazos
President & CEO
San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce