Message from SAHCC Chair Dr. Gonzalez and SAHCC Interim President & CEO, General Ayala


Dear SAHCC Familia,

This past week has been difficult for all of us – not just in San Antonio but across the United States. The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting our diverse membership that looks like America, we’ve always been the people’s Chamber. For the past 91 years we have stood on the side of diversity and inclusion. That is true today and will never change. 

When the theme “Power of Our Voice” was chosen for 2020 we never imagined the trials and tribulations ahead of us: A worldwide health pandemic that exposed the inequalities faced by our minority populations; ​small and main street businesses closing up shop due to the struggle; owners who have poured their life savings, heart and soul into making a difference who no longer can sustain their business nor help their community through jobs for their neighbors; crippling unemployment throughout all sectors of society, and now, a fellow American, George Floyd, tragically and unnecessarily lost his life. All this followed by protests by citizens who grieve for Mr. Floyd’s loss, for the loss of others who perished as he did at the hands of injustice, and are now demanding real change. These demonstrations have played out not only in our country and around the world, but in San Antonio.  With the year half over, is there anything we can do to effect real change? We believe there is—it is the Power of Our Voice.

We believe that you as individuals also wield incredible influence by using the Power of YOUR Voice by being civically engaged in the quest for justice,  by volunteering, by demanding that all people, regardless of race, religion, faith, gender or sexual orientation, be treated with dignity and respect, by completing the 2020 Census, by patronizing local businesses, and by voting in the upcoming local, state and national elections. These are all tangible examples of the strength of YOUR voice. You can continue to use the Power of YOUR Voice to learn, listen, point out injustices, have difficult conversations and take real actions for the good of all. Despite the seemingly constant stream of crisis after crisis, we know better days are ahead.  Members of our business community have reached out asking what we can do to support each other as an organization and as a community. We can support our ​local business owners ​and all our fellow San Antonians, by buying and promoting local.

This is a time for us to come together and stand for something that is so much bigger than ourselves. It is an opportunity to create change – and we can do so by using the Power of Our Voices TOGETHER.  Both of us are military veterans who have proudly worn the cloth of our nation and have witnessed first-hand the strength of our diverse American population, we are both saddened by what occurred in Minneapolis.  The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber stands with our neighbors and friends in the Black community. We are listening, we are learning and we are with you in the fight of injustice that has gone on for far too long. We want to be clear – this is not your fight to fight alone.  We are in this together and stand in solidarity. We must always remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We thank you for your commitment to our community and our beloved San Antonio.