SAHCC Statement: SPC Vanessa Guillen

“We offer our sincere condolences to the family of SPC Guillen. We want them to know that we are deeply sorry for the tragic death of their daughter Vanessa and hope that their questions regarding this senseless crime are quickly answered. We honor her family for raising a strong young woman who volunteered to serve our country in a time of war, and we honor Vanessa for her service to the nation–she will never be forgotten. 
We also join the community, civic leaders and elected officials in urging a thorough and complete investigation that will leave no question regarding the circumstances of her death unanswered. We urge that due justice be administered to those responsible for her death, and any institutional or systemic flaws that led to her crime be immediately changed. 
Finally, we call on all civilian and government institutions to follow the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber’s of Commerce’s 91 year ethos of  Zero tolerance for sexual, racial, economic, and religious bigotry and discrimination of any kind.”