Support the San Antonio Missions Community Quest for World Heritage Status

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce encourages you to to support the San Antonio Missions as they seek World Heritage Status!

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Some Benefits of World Heritage Listing:

  • The publicity that accompanies World Heritage listing and the placement of World Heritage plaques has led to increased tourism at almost all sites, often to the benefit of the economies of surrounding areas. 
  • International organizations and national governments and foundations often give priority to World Heritage Sites in providing financial and technical assistance. In recent years, such sources of assistance have been quite substantial when compared to the limited amounts provided by the World Heritage Committee through the World Heritage Fund. This has happened in substantial part because World Heritage listing attests not only to the international importance of the site, but also to the commitment of the nation in which it is situated to protect it.
  • Cooperative efforts to assist World Heritage Sites have not attracted nearly as much publicity as the controversial debates over how to protect a few threatened sites, but it is clear that World Heritage listings have encouraged international cooperation and assistance and outcomes beneficial to World Heritage Sites, especially at lesser known sites and in countries needing financial resources or information exchange to care for their World Heritage sites.


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