Study by SABÉR Research Institute will Showcase Impact of Women in the San Antonio Economy

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with our partners at the SABÉR Research Institute will soon release a full study showcasing the impact of women in the San Antonio economy. A preview of this study was showcased during the 9th Annual “Making a Mark on the World” Women’s Awards presented by USAA. The study will showcase the true gross domestic product (GDP) of women in the San Antonio metro area adjusted for household production and equal pay, along with highlighting various items for which women tend to pay more for than men, including investing more on education for their families, as well as “pink taxed” feminine hygiene items.

The preview of the study found that the value of GDP in the San Antonio area adjusted for household production and equal pay in 2016 would amount to over $149 billion, as well as showing that equalizing pay for women would improve San Antonio’s GDP by 19 percent!

Chart provided by SABÉR Research Institute

“I think this is the first study that can help us as a city prioritize where to focus our efforts to ensure women participate in the economy at full strength,” said Erika Prosper Nirenberg, Chairwoman of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “I believe the study will serve as a guide to business and community leaders regarding what we need to take into consideration as we think about equity for women, as well as how much a woman already does that may not be taken into consideration. Most of all, our collaboration with SABÉR Research Institute will continue to focus on the numerous roles, both measured and unmeasured, that women play in the economy. Dr. Belinda Román, economics professor at St. Mary’s University and Palo Alto College, will be leading the research program. Later this year, we will be releasing another study on the impact of women entrepreneurs in the San Antonio economy.”

Click on the following to access a copy of the Preview of Women in the San Antonio Economy Study.