Support Trade Initiatives – Trade Promotion Authority

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, America’s first Hispanic business organization founded in 1929 and the only Five-Star Accredited Hispanic Chamber in the United States, would like to see our U.S. Representatives move into the driver’s seat in favor of trade.
On behalf of our more than 1,250 Hispanic Chamber members at home and abroad, we feel a clear map to international business success is the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). The TPA is integral to offering American job creators a voice to support economic growth in our global marketplace.
The Senate has already moved forward with the discussion that would provide clear direction and a solid framework to future international trade negotiations through the TPA. It is the best vehicle available to support and focus the Administration’s trade efforts by laying out the conditions under which Congress would pass a comprehensive trade deal.
Today, businesses can trade all over the world from a home-office due to cutting edge technology and comprehensive trade agreements and initiatives such as the TPA. Now, this sector of the business community needs Congress to allow the TPA negotiations to proceed so that these businesses can become successful players in the international business market.
We encourage you to support TPA so that our small to medium size members can keep accelerating their growth and success.