The National Small Business Association Seeks Small Businesses to become a part of their Leadership Council

The National Small Business Association (NSBA)  is seeking leaders from the small business community to become part of NSBA’s Leadership Council. The are specifically seeking members who may know their member of Congress, have experience in leadership positions in other organizations, have had some experience in dealing with the media and most importantly are passionate about small business. Their goal is to have at least one Leadership Council member in each Congressional District.

The NSBA Leadership Council is the premiere network of small-business leaders from across the U.S. who meet on a regular basis to identify key issues that are important to the small business community.  

If you are interested in becoming a spokesperson for small business and gain visibility for you and your firm, while helping advance the small-business community before lawmakers and members of the media, please consider this opportunity.

The NSBA created a survey meant to help you determine if you would make a good candidate for the Leadership Council.  They will review your answers and will respond to you shortly.

Please click here to take the survey.

To find out more about The National Small Business Association please click here to visit their website.