UPDATE: City Amending Airport Concessions RFP Process

Hispanic Chamber Approves of City Amending Airport Concessions RFP 

 Dear Valued Member,

In response to city-wide business feedback, including the Hispanic Chamber’s solution-backed positionthe City of San Antonio will amend its Airport Concessions Request for Proposal (RFP) process and ask for submissions to include two versions – one that includes estimates with a “Labor Peace Agreement” and one WITHOUT a “Labor Peace Agreement.” 

The Hispanic Chamber would like to also commend the City for extending the deadline to accommodate this new amendment for the airport.

Our members were particularly concerned that the current approach would discourage potential bidding from a diverse set of small businesses due to the unforeseen costs the “Labor Peace Agreement” would cause them in doing business with the City. This change in the RFP process will let the review committees compare what the burden of the “Labor Peace Agreement” would be to bidders.

Though, we still prefer the overall RFP to change the language altogether, as the Hispanic Chamber suggested and provided an alternative with San Diego Airport’s Concession RFP, we feel that this is a step towards including the voices of our members who have repeatedly told us that the current “Labor Peace Agreement” requirement is not conducive to diverse bids at the airport.

Nevertheless, we feel that in allowing our members to explicitly show the cost burdens and lower margins, the City will be in a better place to make future RFPs more productive in helping businesses in San Antonio thrive.  It’s a step forward.  Click here to read the City announcement on this change.

We will keep you informed as the Hispanic Chamber continues to provide solutions to city-wide issues related to business and our local economy.

Thank you,

Ramiro Cavazos 

President & CEO