Weekly Member Highlight: StroudLink

StroudLink is a PEO/HR outsourcing brokerage firm. Its primary focus is helping businesses of all sizes and industries with their labor costs and services. The core areas of service include payroll, workers’ compensation, major medical insurance, voluntary and retirement benefits, human resources, government compliance, and risk management. 

Using economies of scale to reduce costs and enjoy significant discounts, businesses can take advantage of the PEO relationship to remove potential liability. StroudLink strives to give business owners a greater confidence and peace of mind to face their daily challenges head on.  In addition, StroudLink Realty Services helps business owners with their occupancy costs from site location strategies to lease/purchase assistance.

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Bradley Stroud HeadshotHistory, Philosophy, Approach

Bradley Stroud, President & CEO, started StroudLink in June 2005. His company’s goal is to sit on the side of the business owner and help find the best solutions. The mission statement is simply “linking business to solutions.” StroudLink recognizes the challenges and struggles that every business owner faces on a daily basis, therefore they treat every business as if it were their own, and diligently strive to find the best and most efficient long-term solution for their clients.

Success and Satisfaction
The Hispanic Chamber has played a vital role in the success of StroudLink.  By directly connecting StroudLink to new clients, as well as providing incredible opportunities to meet key individuals in the business community, the Hispanic Chamber has been a critical platform in opening new and exciting doors of opportunity and growth.

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