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Sunshine Medical Uniforms is a medical uniform and accessories retail store. Sunshine also offers embroidery, special order options, and group orders for hospitals of all sizes. Their primary mission is to offer the latest in uniform apparel and to create a friendly and fun shopping experience by providing knowledgeable and upbeat service. With two convenient locations, Sunshine serves the medical professionals of San Antonio in the Medical Center and Downtown areas.

Sunshine Medical Uniforms

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History, Philosophy, Approach

Sunshine’s roots date back to 1947. Siew Pang acquired the uniform business in 2007. Eager to revolutionize the way Sunshine functioned, Pang spent years learning both of the businesses from the ground up.

In that time, she has established Sunshine Medical Uniforms to be a memorable uniform retailer for medical professionals by teaching the employees to understand the products, listen to the customer’s wants and needs, and find their perfect fit. Their commitment is to serve the health care community by providing uniforms that will work for them, not against them.

Success and Satisfaction

Sunshine Medical Uniforms truly believes that as long as they continue to grow, they will be successful.

“I learn new things and solve new problems, yet I feel the gears themselves function smoothly within the company. My success is our success – my employees and I are in this company we built together,” said Siew Pang.

For Siew and the team at Sunshine, the Hispanic Chamber’s services have helped alleviate tension by providing networking seminars, leadership programs, and getting Sunshine Medical Uniforms’ employees involved with various committees related to their company. 


(210) 224-0455


902 Brooklyn Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78215


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