Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program

Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program


The mission of the Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program (ABLDP) is to enrich leadership and professional development through strategic planning, change management, teamwork, sustainability, and civic engagement.

Participants engage in an experience that builds and enhances personal and professional leadership skills. The program curriculum provides participants with the aptitude to meet the intellectual and often emotional demands of leadership.

The Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program is a personal and professional leadership development program focused on the Core Values:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Building Great Teams
  • Improving Quality
  • Operationally and Culturally
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Creating and Sustaining Professional and Organizational Results

The ABLDP is a seven-month program that will provide you with the skills to succeed in today’s working environment. The program provides networking and learning opportunities with existing and emerging civic and corporate leaders in the San Antonio area, as well as promoting leadership on boards and commissions.

The program is named after retired City Manager Alexander Briseño and is grounded in his leadership philosophy “Gerencia Con Corazon,” practice management with compassion/heart, as well as his leadership principles: Judgement, Compassion, Courage, Integrity, Creativity, Passion, Vision, Competency, Diligence, and Accessibility.

2020 Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program


We will be accepting applications for our 2020 program through Friday, April 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM.


$950 Member Tuition

$1,200 Non-Member Tuition

Inquire at for installment payments

Application Fee

Application fee: $35

To submit your application fee, please visit:

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