A Letter From the President & CEO: Bring Uber Back to San Antonio

Hispanic Chamber Strongly Supports Rideshare Opportunities For San Antonio and Encourages City Council Agreement with Uber

Dear Hispanic Chamber Members, Friends and Business Leaders,

In December 2014 and once again in  February 2015 the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SAHCC) voted overwhelmingly to support rideshare companies remain as a permanent alternative transportation option in San Antonio.

We strongly believe that rideshare companies offer a safe, reliable, affordable and innovative transportation option that embraces new technologies. Rideshare is essential to the progress of San Antonio as an up and coming world-class city.

With the recent proposal from city council for annexation on the Southside of San Antonio, the City of San Antonio will soon surpass Philadelphia and become the sixth largest city in the United States with future young, innovative and technology-driven entrepreneurs moving here. These types of geographic growing pains demand a diversity of public transportation options for a growing city.

Additionally, as the tech industry rapidly grows, with the creation of TechBloc and the arrival of Google Fiber to San Antonio, more professional millennials will be flocking to this area to settle and grow their careers.

The Hispanic Chamber is San Antonio’s leading small business advocate and strongly believes that the City of San Antonio should embrace policies in support of entrepreneurship, ridesharing and welcome these new technological advances. 

Bringing Uber back to our city will potentially result in 3,700 new rideshare jobs for San Antonio. Within the time rideshare began operations mid-2014 through March 2015 Uber provided more than 164,000 rides, many of which helped decrease the risk of DWIs, drunk driving accidents and fatalities, and have made a positive impact on the environment.

The Hispanic Chamber is urging the San Antonio community and business leaders to contact Mayor Ivy Taylor and their respective councilperson, asking them to reach a mutually fair agreement with rideshare company Uber, that will allow them to resume operations in San Antonio.

(Click here, to contact the Mayor and City Council.)

For more information about the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and a full position statement on rideshare in San Antonio, visit sahcc.org.







Ramiro Cavazos, President & CEO
San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



Michael Vela, VP of Communications / michaelv@sahcc.org