Weekly Member Highlight: HKD Custom Clothing

When you walk into HKD Custom’s showroom, the options are endless. HKD builds packages consisting of suits, shirts and slacks customized to what your wardrobe needs. You start by picking from its fabrics imported from Italy, Japan, Britain and Egypt. You bring your garment to life as you choose your lining, contrast, buttons, stitching, and even its complimentary signature monogram! HKD works one-on-one with you, matching fabrics to your skin tone and collars with face shapes. Size is never an issue as every garment is made for you and cut by a master tailor in Hong Kong.

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History, Philosophy, Approach

Susie and Angela started writing the business plan for HKD 5 years ago. After college she wanted to wear business clothing and was very surprised to see the lack of variety at retail stores. Not only was the sizing always off, but the clothing was boring. Susana’s father mentored her as they searched for the best tailors and she decided to move to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is home to some of the best master tailors in the world. Susana found her perfect tailor, who had been working with the Italian and Japanese markets for more than 45 years and launched the business a year later.


Success and Satisfaction

Susana says that she is very happy that HKD is a member of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “Having the support of other business owners and sharing useful tips with one another has been eye opening,” said Susana. “Our business has grown since having a ribbon cutting event where we were able to show the members what we have to offer.” HKD extends its gratitude toward its clients for encouraging the company to join the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce!



Owners: Susie McKinlay and Angela Ferrer

HKD Website: www.HKDCUSTOM.com

Phone: 1.877.217.8688




Our Goal

5000 club

5,000 small businesses generating more than $1 million in annual sales revenue


“I have done custom before, but definitely HKD has a lot more options to choose from at half the price of their competitors. I am always receiving compliments on my HKD shirts and suits.”

Robert M

HKD Customer



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