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Kaiser Medical Management

Weekly Member Highlight: Kaiser Medical Management

Kaiser Medical Management (KMM) is an on-site corporate wellness program provider that covers Texas.  It has been providing services for over 19 years.  KMM’s services include, but not limited, to health and wellness fairs, wellness lectures, blood work, flu shots, vitamin shot clinics, corporate massage clinics, biometrics, health assessments, and more. KMM covers the state of Texas and works directly with corporations, insurance providers and insurance brokers wanting to establish or expand on their employee wellness program.


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History, Philosophy, Approach

KMM was founded in 1997 before corporate wellness was even understood.  Our mission statement is to bring corporate wellness to the corporations to keep employees healthy year round.  Founder, Lenore Gregson, not only has an Associates degree in Nursing, but is an IFBB Pro Competitor.  (International Federation of Body Building).  She is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and practices what she preaches.  KMM’s goal is to get employees to think preventative when it comes to their health instead of waiting for health issues to arise.

Success and Satisfaction

It’s about personal and business relationship building.  No one understands our community’s health and wellness issues more than those that are local and intact on a daily basis with employee health concerns more than KMM.  Being embedded in the San Antonio community for over 19 years, we have been able to build not only business relationships, but personal relationships with those that make decisions for their employee’s health and wellness programs.  KMM has maintained a 98% satisfaction rating with its’ corporate clients because we are willing to tailor and change based on the needs of the corporation.



 Lenore Gregson
1-800-764-0418 ext. 3

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