Weekly Member Highlight: TapSnap 1168

TapSnap 1168 is a social media marketing and photo activation platform that generates excitement and awareness for your brand. Using TapSnap 1168, your guests can take fun photos branded with your logo, event information and any other details you would like to include. In addition, guests are able to share their pictures through social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where friends can see your brand with every like, share or comment. Now, you are generating positive brand associations organically for a network of trusted brand ambassadors. TapSnap 1168 can also promote your event by adding hashtags to populate SnapCast, a live broadcasting source, which displays TapSnap 1168 pics along with tweets, and Instagram posts using your custom hashtag. 


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History, Philosophy, Approach

TapSnap 1168 was established June 2012 in Canada. The idea behind TapSnap 1168 was taking photo booth entertainment to a higher level with high quality pictures, high resolution screen monitors, a digital touch, and connecting an event in real-time to social media.

The TapSnap 1168 philosophy is to provide a high quality service to corporate companies that are looking to get the word out via social media and engage guests, pushing social media traffic throughout any specific event.


Success and Satisfaction

As soon as TapSnap 1168 joined the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, it was just a matter of days before we were given the opportunity to showcase our services at one of their Noche En San Antonio Networking Mixers! A couple days after that, the Hispanic Chamber used our services again, at their 2015 Business Connect event.  Through this event, many people were able to see the services that we provide. 



Phone: 210-901-9105   

Email:  herbertb@TapSnap.net

Website: www.TapSnap1168.com







Our Goal

5000 club

5,000 small businesses generating more than $1 million in annual sales revenue


“We were thankful to have TapSnap 1168 at our launch party for FairTradeWorks. Their service was perfect for our celebration. The results were priceless. We were thrilled to have everyone sending out their images to social media platforms with our FairTradeWorks branding. What a smart concept. To top it off, our guests even had a souvenir to take away from the event. Thank you TapSnap 1168, we highly recommend your services!”


Sandra Lummiss



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