Volunteer to Meet Needs in Our City

This year, 2016, is the Year of Influence. It is our call to make an impact everyday. 

It is your opportunity through our combined talents and vision to become involved and make positive change for the future. For your business, for your chamber, and for your community.

There are many drivers that make for a successful environment for business to flourish.

Drivers such as education, technology, culture, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare and safety are just a few, and coincidentally, they make for a thriving atmosphere to live.

As we come together in helping to shape those drivers, our influence as collaborators, as partners, will strengthen our Small Business Program goals.

LET’S LOOK AT COMMUNITY INFLUENCE. Today our region is home to over 1.5 million people. All walks of life and a large geographic base. What if our involvement stepped back to the basics of service? What if every one of our 1300 Chamber Members put in one hour of community service a month? That would be 15,600 hours per year.

Get Involved!


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